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Lisa Wilkinsons favourite #LipGloss

Recently featured in #Mamamia, the #Icon lip gloss is available for purchase

After working with Lisa for a number of years, we decided to formulate a custom lip gloss just for her, which is now available.

‘Icon’ is a nude rose gold shimmer that has just the right amount of nude peach, and a touch of pink and gold shimmer.

Order now:…/products/icon-the-gloss-1

When speaking to MamaMia about the icon lip gloss Lisa states: “The lip gloss I was always wearing got discontinued and one of the makeup artists that was at Channel Nine, a beautiful girl called Melli, had started up her own makeup range as a side hustle. She said, ‘Do you know what, Lisa? I reckon we could come up with that formulation ourselves.’

“We had a couple of go’s and we finally got the colour. So for about the last three or four years at The Today Show this was the colour that I always wore. It’s her biggest seller by a country mile and it’s a beautiful shimmer with a peachy, clear colour. It’s just pretty,” – Lisa Wilkinson

Read the Mamamia article here:…

Audio from Mamamia ‘You Beauty’ podcast, listen to the full episode below:…/you-beauty/lisa-wilkinson/


Available at Solace Skin & Body!